Of Crucial Consideration

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Probably the most important consideration you have, when it comes to purchasing your Music system or Home Theater, are your speakers. Your speakers create the character and personality of your system. Not all speakers are equal and not everyone is looking for the same thing when it comes to speakers. Speakers reproduce music differently depending on their design and the materials used. Some speakers are very accurate. Some speakers are more forgiving in nature. Some speakers are bottom heavy. Some speakers are brighter sounding. Some speakers are easy to drive, so you can get away with lesser electronics to drive them. Some speakers are hard to drive or require certain needs, such as high amperage, from the electronics. All these characteristics are neither good or bad. They are simply factors to keep in mind when looking for speakers and the electronics to drive them. There are literally thousands of speakers out there, so it is impossible to cover all of them. We try to keep a sample of most of the more popular types of speakers asked for. After listening to the speakers we have on display, we can usually determine what type, general sound character and budget of speakers that will work for you and your system.

We also offer a free in home analysis of your room. Your room makes a huge difference in what your system/speakers will eventually sound like and must be taken into consideration when it comes to building your dream sound system.